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Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon is…

The Key to
A Thriving

Recognized as one of the most brilliant minds in education and business, Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon has transformed the lives of thousands of Black entrepreneurs across the world. Her love of community, paired with her mantra, “Support Is A Verb,” inspires and educates African-Americans to create generational health and wealth. Her ‘key’ to success is her village.

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Key Thoughts

“Each of us must dedicate ourselves to serving the good of our people. We are a community. Our fate and futures are interconnected. If we act in oneness and in the spirit of togetherness not only can we survive, we can thrive.”

Dr. Key - Signature in peach color. Dr Key Hallmon is a black entrepreneur and educator that supports black owned businesses all over the world
Dr Key Hallmon with The Village and black entrepreneurs of black owned businesses in Atlanta, GA

We are being called to lead differently.

A thriving village is powered by an ecosystem for entrepreneurship and a supportive educational system.


Let’s Build Thriving Communities

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